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Thank you for your email communication. We received the items and they are in working order and we have already implemented some of the components into our sound system for our Sunday church services.

It was a pleasure working with you and Jan.

God bless you.

Natalie Carroll
Music Coordinator
Valley Bible Church
Spokane, WA


I love reading your weekly emails. I especially like the one below. I hope you know how much you are appreciated, respected, and cared for by us in the sound biz who have built a relationship with you over the years. You have worked hard to get me amazing gear at an affordable price. That gear got me 100% out of debt in August. I finally own everything I have. House, everything. Then, this damn COVID. I've lost my first $60k worth of rodeo sound jobs that were contracts, not blue sky. So, the struggle is real with all of us. Your words of encouragement were thoughtful.

I think of you nearly everyday when at my shop and see all my Meyer gear that I got through you. It has served me really well and I'm grateful for you getting into my hands.

A comedian disguised as a salesman? Yeah, I'd say that's right. I'll never forget when I'd talk your ear off on the phone and you had some gadget that made noises which made it seem that you had another call coming in and you needed to go. That made me laugh then, and still does today.

I hope you are well, My Friend. Hang in there.


Jason Buchanan
Pro Rodeo Sound
Bend, OR

Thank you for the help getting us our Meyers. I can't tell you how amazing they are and how they've changed our perception of jobbing bands and what to expect from the sound we put out there for such events.

Couldn't have done it without you guys... thanks again.

Colin Williams
Audible Sound Productions
Chicago, IL

I did test the sound system and everything is perfect. Thank you for the great service. Please say thanks to Jan also.

Christian Morissette

The system sounds great! We are very happy with the system. Thank you.

Lombard, IL

Thank you, It has been great working with you on this. Appreciate everything you have done the process was seamless.

Rob Harold
United Sound & Electronics, LLC
Bridgeport, WV

Received. Perfect. That closes out the transaction.

Thank you for the amazing service. It’s refreshing to see, and your team really did a spectacular job! Thanks,

Denham Springs, LA

The Urei 1176 units arrived today in perfect condition. Incredible packing job! Thank you very much for making this a wonderful experience.

Robert Fair
Silver Spring, MD

All I have to say about Jan and SoundBroker.com is WOW! What Jan was able to accomplish with my deal was nothing short of a miracle. I had a stage projector die on Saturday, Easter weekend. I started working on a replacement that night. On Monday morning, I spoke with Jan and we found a few that could work. I landed on a Christie and on Tuesday, Jan and I spoke with the rep. He told us that the one we were looking at fit all of my needs. Keep in mind I had to have something in place in ONE WEEK from that day! On Wednesday, the rep then tells me that everything is great. BUT it was going to cost WAY MORE for all of the all other things that I needed to use this projector in the way I had specified upfront. It needed an independent exhaust fan, hanging planform due to it not being able to be inverted and that needed to be bought 3rd party, etc. I panicked! Not in my budget at all! So.. Jan called up his Barco rep and explained to him what was up. Not only did I get a BETTER product at an AMAZING price, when we finalized everything with the money part. The order was placed on Friday. Jan explained to the rep the timeline I was now on and Barco overnighted it ,on their dime! I had installed and running that following Monday afternoon. 24 hours BEFORE my deadline.

Like I said, Jan was able to accomplish something just shy of a miracle! If you have any doubts about SoundBroker.com? Don't! Miracles and personal amazing service seem to be just another day for them!

Jan, I can't say Thank You enough!! You made me look like a superstar!


Greg Rowan
Production Manager
Starlite Theatre
Banson, MO

Thanks for the follow-up.. Item has been delivered and installed and is working correctly.. We will definitely keep you in mind for future equipment needs.

Dave White
SIU Telehealth
Springfield, IL

I am confirming all the equipment was received and in good shape and it appears everything is working well. Thanks so much for working with me on this purchase. It was a pleasure doing business with you and your company and well worth the commission hopefully we will have more contact in the future.

Frank Silva
Pro Audio
Sewell NJ

It was my pleasure too, to do business with/through Soundbroker. I appreciated the possibility to purchase from Europe: as I said in the beginning, the goods in question were for sale through another business with on-line presence like yours, but they wouldn't sell outside the North-American continent. When it became cumbersome involving as intermediaries friends of mine living in Canada, I stumbled upon the goods in question on your own website. Lucky me.

Yes, I herewith confirm everything is fine and that you can release the payment to the seller.

Christophe Speckbacher
Durningen, France

I would like to thank you and your team at soundbroker.com for your extra effort to get the projector we needed, at the time we needed it. You kept focus on our special needs and provided excellent communications. We really appreciate your superior service.

Ray VanderBok
Zion Lutheran Church
Ann Arbor, MI

Im so sorry that i haven't got back with you i've been very busy. Everything went ok with the amps on my rental saturday and i'm very pleased with them. thank you for your help and you'll again. Thank you

Mario Montes

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the JBL VRX932LAP speakers I purchased on your website. We have had them out for many events in a short period of time with nothing but complements.

The point is I truly appreciate Sound Broker. I have purchased gear and sold gear through SoundBroker.com. Every transaction has been a win-win. I know I can trust Jan Landy to be 100% honest. There is no BS, hype or bait and switch.

I want to thank you Jan, and your staff for continuing to provide a vital service for those of us on the front lines in the world of live production.

Best regards,

Randy Voris
Voris Sound
Ashland, OR

You were brilliant....please send me your Paypal account....I want to send you 42 cents.

Gary Berkman
Gainesville, FL

Direct To Seller VIP Testimonial:

Just wanted to drop a note of thanks. I picked up (14) Lights and (2) Road Cases. Everyone was very helpful at the facility. We were treated as though we belonged there. I am very happy with the products that were purchased and plan on doing continued business. Lito was a great help and thank you Zabrina for your help. Jan, thank you for making the connection.

Tom Spiezio
Wolf Stage & Lighting Productions LLC
Oakhurst, NJ

Thanks again for all your help Cyndi. Picked up the console yesterday and tested it out today. It was packed and shipped well and everything seems to be in working order. Thanks for a great experience and a great freight quote! Much appreciated!

Clayton Knapp
Portland, OR 97217

Yes Indeed we received the crown amps and they are great! Everything arrived in good condition. Thanks so much for your help! We do have some equipment of our own that we are looking to sell soon, mainly speaker cabinets. Can you give me the details for listing equipment with you guys. We would like to get this going soon! Thanks again!

Patrick West
Sound Environments
Traverse City, MI

Thank you Jan, it was a pleasure working with SoundBroker.com. I believe the open and honest communication you had with both 16th Avenue Music and the buyer made everybody feel comfortable and that we were treated fairly. Thanks again.

Nate Hines
16th Avenue Music
Cedar City, IA

SoundBroker is truly your personal shopper in the audio industry. Their diligence and follow-up is the best there is. They are always on top of all orders and ensure the highest quality and product service.

Robert Rubino
Valley Christian Schools
San Jose, CA

The Power Snake that was purchased from SoundBroker.com exactly met the needs of the Apostolic Faith Church(UPC). Quality product, best price, and "WOW" service from SoundBroker.com. We will be returning for future purchase as the needs of our church expansion arise.

God Bless,

John Hagerty
Apostolic Faith Church
Kenosha, WI USA

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for selling the Shure UHF-R wireless equipment for me. It was a pleasure working with your company.

Please feel free to use me as a solid reference for a very positive experience in the future.


Michael S. Canfield
CAVCOMM Audio Visual Corporation
Illinois 60714

Sorry for the late reply. Too much going on all at once. Spent the morning installing and cleaning the board. I am very happy with the purchase. Thanks to everyone for helping this go smoothly.

Charles R. Wood
Greenbelt, MD

We have received the Yamaha PM5D-RH, and are satisfied with it. Everything works and the condition is good. Thanks foryour help in making this happen. Please pass on a thank you to the seller, we are very happy with it.

Dave Reese
Michigan Sound
Lansing, MI

We are all good Cyndi - Thanks to Jan & Lauren for making it happen . For sure, I will be doing future business with SoundBroker.com

Julio Abreu
Forest Hills, NY

I just wanted to thank you personally for the way you took care of my shipping to my warehouse in Singapore. You really helped me to take care of my international logistic needs. You did a great job. Thank you once again

Heintje Leman
Lampung, IDN

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks to you and your staff for all of the assistance you provided me during my recent purchase of the Ampex ATR 102. There are all kinds of people in this business, and as you know, some are better to deal with than others.

You and all of your folks are top notch! Lauren is a pleasure on the phone, and you taking the time to personally go over the order with me on the phone was much appreciated.

In closing, let me say that this is my first time dealing with Soundbroker.com, but I will definitely be back!

Harry Williams
Antioch, CA

I just wanted to thank you for helping me sell my equipment . I was sceptical about a service offering to sell my speakers at no cost to me..to my delight you called with news that you had a buyer and that a truck was on the way. SoundBroker.com walked me through every step of the way. I got the price I was asking and expert advice to boot! Thanks again for making this such a positive experience.

Vince Santa Maria
Phoenix ,AZ

It was great working with you guys ,the splitter was like new way more then we expected. Looking forward to working with you in future. Highly recomend your services

John Enneking
Enneking Unlimited
Harrison, OH

We received the order on Friday. We have been in the process of going through the items. Everything is as described from the sale posting. Please release the funds to the seller. Thanks,

Micah Dean
SineWave Audio
Anderson, IN

Yes, I have received the order. The Yamaha DM1000 (and the case)is in perfect working condition, and everything is 'as advertised'....in fact, it's in better condition than I thought it would be! Very very happy with my purchase. Thank you again for everything, it was a really smooth transaction. You will be getting my future business and I am recommending your company and services to my peers.

Neal Gaudet
Overdrive Audio
Bedford, NS CANADA

Just a quick note to thank you and your team for your great service. I have just received my shipment today of the 12 AM monitor cabinets here in Australia.

Paperwork wise all went well ( With Michel Coz's help), Packaging was great and We already had the chance to check the speakers and all seem in good working order.


Gaby Zouain
Parramatta, Australia

I feel that it is important to let you know that I have had the most enjoyable experience doing business with your company.

I was looking for an EAW-speaker system - First I purchased the subs (SB-1000,s) then I found another really great deal on the High packs (KF-850,s) that came with amp rack-power light amps EAW processor and power distro, all cables and fly gear for an unbelievable price and close to me so that I can pick it up in order to avoid shipping.

My system is now complete and booking bigger jobs. I will always be upgrading and expanding my company and I WILL be working with your company as it has been all GOOD! Working with honest people and true professionals gave me much peace of mind. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!.

Bill Wiley
Wiley Sound Production
Abingdon, MD

The Soundcraft was delivered on Thursday and looked to be in good condition, as described, and undamaged in shipment. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you until now but I didn't get a chance to test the mixer until last night. After finally getting it out of the box and giving it a run through, I am quite happy with it's condition. The seller did not overstate the shape it's in, and that's a good thing. My thanks to the seller, to you and everyone and Soundbroker.com.

Denny Brown
Cincinnati, OH

Thank you so much! And may I say that the service that I have received from Sound Broker on the few orders I've placed has been amazing.

Thanks again,

Juan Ramirez
Ramirez Films
Chicago, IL USA

As usual the greatest service ON EARTH!!! :o) I couldn't be more happy!

...actually, I could...if I get just a few more amps!! U guys ROCK!!!

Shaun Pizzonia
Sting Enterprises, LTD
Valley Stream, NY

Everything is excellent! Thanks for another flawless transaction. Please advise the seller that i am extremely pleased with my purchase.

I will be doing business with you all again soon.

Soundbroker rocks!

Ralph Pitt
Aspen, CO

I received my speakers yesterday. Many thanks to you and your team of professionals. Just an awesome level of communication and service. You guys made the whole exercise easy. Looking forward to doing more business through Soundbroker.com.


John Yost
Rockstar Entertainment
Hope Island Qld, 4212 AUSTRALIA

The EAW SB850 Subs look and sound great. Coupled with the pair I already have they shake the theatre quite nicely. I'm very happy with the purchase!

Jim Martin
Assistant Technical Director
Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts
Bloomington, IL

Awesome! You guys have been terrific! From the organization of material and website to communication packaging and delivery, top notch! My order arrived in great condition just as you said it would and I am very pleased.

Thanks very much, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Paul Mercier
Rich Corinthian Audio
Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted everyone to know that I went and reread my initial post and it could have been taken the wrong way with regards to SoundBroker.com . I am completely happy with this purchase and they have been amazing. I had emailed Michael at SoundBroker right before I posted this. Then at around 9:30am the next morning he was on the phone with me after having called Shure to get the answer I needed. They have been fantastic, so please (if anyone did) do not think that I had a poor experience with them. I look forward to working with them again in future.

Brad Galvin
Galvin Audio, Inc
Grayslake, IL

I want to thank you for an outstanding customer service experience. Your staff is very caring and on top of things which gave me the confidence to send 10's of thousands of dollars in your care. Customer service such as you have provided is very rare today and it is no wonder you are the best at what you do. Hope to work with you again. Richard has a few other things I am looking for.

Catasauqua, PA

I would like to thank you for your professionalism, and all the help I received whenever I had a question or needed assistance. You have made me feel like a valuable customer and I will be back in the near future.

Mike B
*Saskatoon, SK, Canada*

Thanks to all the guys at SoundBroker.com for their great service and help getting a road case for my large frame console I was thinking how hard it was 25 yrs ago to find the gear that they offer and then worry about getting it and not ripped off !
Thanks again,

Monte Henderson
M J Sound
Rolla, MO

That sounds great! Thanks for taking care of this for us. It's exactly this kind of situation that makes me glad I went through a broker and NOT eBay!

Robert Schoneman
NC Blumenthal PAC @ Knight Theater
Charlotte, NC

It has been my priviledge to have met all of you online and want you to know the transaction was smooth and efficient. I will be making offers for other equipment that we need while we rebuild our 2 venues. It is rare to meet someone with the level of service you have all provided. I appreciate all your effort and again it has been my priviledge. I will be talking to you soon.

Thanks again and I will use you again,

Kevin Yandrasitz
Whitehall, PA

Just a few words about SoundBroker.com. I have purchased several items using their services and they are:
  1. Easy to deal with and provide great communication
  2. Are honest and do exactly what they say they are going to do
  3. Provide an invaluable service to those of us in the production business

Thanks again and I will use you again,

Doug Harkrider
North Georgia Sound Light and Video
Gainesville, GA

Thank you so much for your help and patience with us. Everything is as hoped. The speakers are great.
This is my first experience buying with your company. It was so easy, it was if I had called a good friend and asked for a simple favor. I'll be checking your website often and hope we do business again soon.

Thanks again,

Cory Ramsey
Charlotte, NC

I wanted to let you guys know how much I looking at your website for years but just decided that I would try your service. I have to say that I was surprised at how soon I received a reply to my inquiry and how fast the deal was made. Your customer service was excellent. It's not often you get to make that statement in today's world! Thanks again for a great transaction.

Chuck Tuten
Toots Tunes
Hampton, SC

Many thanks for your call this afternoon. We highly appreciate this full first class experience with your organization including the follow-up after to confirm our shipment of goods arrived in good condition. We make a lot of purchases worldwide and normally after we pay we never hear back from the vendor, unless we call them because we need information. Your way is a pleasure for the spirit first and is an inspiration to me as one can be friendly and gentle and still deliver a beautiful flavour to our activity.

Many any Thanks and remember that if you can need anything else in Italy we can help you first for the pleasure to have contact with your company.


Gino Passarella
100% Puro Design
Pozzuoli, ITALY

Many thanks for your help with our recent Meyer purchase through Soundbroker. We received the goods today and are very happy with our investment.

I'll admit, we were a little hesitant at first to buy gear in such a manner (ie online), but you had me updated and followed up from the start and it all went very smoothly, and surprisingly speedy - I would buy again in a heartbeat.

Looking forward to more good buys in the future, Many thanks.

David Canato, Technical Director
t7 event solutions
Leichhardt NSW 2040

It has been a pleasure working with Soundbroker. I have found their model of a 3rd party broker to be invaluable. It is exactly like working with an escrow title company. The money is held until everyone is happy. Very refreshing change from the take your chances approach on eBay.

Jeff Stetson
Water Works Hill Recording Co.
Seattle, WA

Thank you very much to Jan and the Sound Broker crew for making our transaction quick and satisfactory. We couldn't be more please with the Macrotech 3600 amps we purchased. They are in BETTER than described condition!

A quick story: About the same time as we ordered these amps we ordered some 2400's from a another online broker, who will remain nameless. We ordered these amps a week prior to the ones from SoundBroker.com, not only did we receive the 3600's first, but when they 2400's came, the rack ears were broken off due to poor shipping. SoundBroker.com is a pillar of our industry, and can be trusted to do professional business. Thanks again SoundBroker.com!

Mark Piekos
Western Technical Services
Macomb, IL

I want to take the opportunity to thank you on our recent equipment order with your firm. I've discovered that your firm is the place to shop for both new and used audio equipment. Your staff is highly professional and the communication with bill of lading / shipment tracking numbers is excellent. You can bet that we'll use SoundBroker in our future Pro Audio purchases.

Bill Borgh
Crossroad Audio
Sutter Creek, CA

The console arrived in excellent condition and is everything the seller stated. We are very satisfied with the purchase. It has been a pleasure dealing with SoundBroker and I would reccommend your firm to anyone. Again thanks for working with us to complete the transaction.

The Jeremy Graham Band
Martinez, GA

Everything appears to be in excellent order. They are very nice units. Thank you. Give my compliments to the seller And ask if they have any more in similar condition.

Brian Wayson
BLW Audio
Baltimore, MD

I love your operation and things went really really smooth!

James Ulibarri
Imperial Beach, CA

Thanks again for everything, it's really been a pleasure having this sale handled by your company, you guys truly offer a great service. The reality is that this sale simply couldn't have happened at a better time.

Erick de Moya
EDM Audio
Distrito Nacional, Santo Domingo

From beginning to end the guys at soundbroker were on top of everything. I've never dealt with any company or individuals who were more professional. I will certainly be returning for more purchases.

We still can't believe the deal we found!!!

David Taylor
Headliners Music Hall
Louisville KY 40206

December 2006 - SoundBroker.com named to the Board of Advisors for the Orion Bluebook.

April 2003 - SoundBroker.com was named a SPARS Watch Company by ProSoundNews.com! Check out the article!

I was just sitting down to email you that we have just finished going through the entire console and we could not be more pleased with it. Everything operationally is "as new". Other than two minor cosmetic things and the date of manufacturer sticker on the back, there are no signs of the console being "used". Thank you for everything throughout this entire process. When the opportunity presents itself again, we will be back.

All the best,

Mike Figursky B.F.A., M.F.A.
University Centre Farquhar Auditorium
Victoria, BC

I am impressed with the high level of security and professionalism during all the stages of my purchase, from ordering to receiving and testing.

Jose David Irizarry
AMEC - House of Worship
Canovanas, PR

We included Soundbroker.com's business card, in order to refer potential customers to your website. This information has gone out to many hundreds of professional rental sound companies around the globe.

Best regards, and best wishes for 2008,
David Scheirman, Vice President, Tour Sound
JBL Professional
Northridge, CA 91329 USA

Thank you for the excellent trail you left. It showed up sooner than I expected and all very professional.... Thank you very much, SoundBroker is a class act.

James Blanton
Lahaina, HI

Once again you guys showed why you are the premier place for buying and selling gear. My email was only a handful of hours old and you had researched it and responed. Thanks once again for everything you guys do!!

Steve Boyles
Civilized Sound
Altoona, PA

I am very satisfied with my purchase, the seriousness and timeliness of services SoundBroker. The 2 limiters Altec arrived on the date announced. Soundbroker is an excellent service for the purchase of audio equipment.

Serge Deuerling
Studio Berduquet
Cenac, France

I received the amplifier and everything works wonderful. Thanks a lot for being very supportive. You guys have 100 times better service than Gearsource. You wouldn't believe how many times they screwed up an order and can't even return my emails!

I'll be ordering from you in the near future!

Alfred Mapanao
Triquest Audio
San Diego, CA

I am extremely happy with my purchase and the thorough and prompt service I received from SoundBroker.com. My Genelecs arrived on time as advertised. There is no better system for protecting yourself when purchasing used audio equipment. eBay is a crap shoot at best. I will be an evangelist for your company and a loyal customer for years to come. Thanks!

Bill Kole
Mission Control Music & Post
Simi Valley, CA

I have dealt with SoundBroker many times now. Each and every time they go out of their way to make sure I am happy. The customer service is great, they seem to have a great staff of knowledgable people. Their professionalism in dealing with both the buyer side and seller side is top notch. I look forward to working with SoundBroker again.

Trey Woodruff
Jackson, MS

Received check Monday. Thanks for all your help. Please thank Scott and Jan too for all the excellent service!

Richard Tanzella
Kailua Kona, HI

Hi Jan, I would just like to take a moment to tell how impressed Ray & I am with you and your company's professionalism. I would like to thank you for taking the pain and headaches out of purchasing the MCI 600 "after dealing with the other person over here." Well all I can say, we are going to have a long and strong business relationship so let's look to the future.

Shane Alley
R&S Alley
Melbourne, AUS

Mixer is in great shape and working order. Thanks again Soundbroker you make it easy for me to make money with used gear that is reliable and cost effective. eBay can not for what you guys do. Keep up the great work. We have worked together for 8 years now and hope to continue the business.

Steve Vian
Ontario, CAN

You guys are wonderful. I love my pre-owned cq2 Meyer speakers. I'm on my way down to Miami for the WMC 2008, lots of gigs. PS: Tell Richard he's the man.

Carlton Rosebure
Lollipop Productions
East Orange, NJ

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you! Your outstanding customer relations and can-do attitude turned a potentially bad situation into a positive one. I greatly appreciated how you went above and beyond for me. On behalf of myself and BASE Ltd, Thank You!

Jocelyn M. Wojt
Ashley, OH

I was able to pick it up today and I was expecting a well worn but serviceable unit, but this unit is like new with not a mark on it, not even rub marks next to the masters and it fired up perfectly. Both my son and I gasped as we opened the case, it is very beautiful.

David Ashton
All Things Theatre
Perth, Australia

You guys are the BEST! I have never seen such endless effort and enthusiasm to make a customer satisfied. Through the good and the bad you guys stick it out til' it's right. And that is beyond what is expected. Your service is incredible! I just have to say thanks again. I'm here with you guys til' the wheels fall off!

Shaun Pizzonia
Sting International Enterprises
Valley Stream, NY

I have received my order. I've thoroughly checked the console & everything appears to be in proper working condition. I'd like to thank you & everyone involved with my purchase. I look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks again.

Chris Chierello
Independent Audio Services
Denver, CO

Thank you for your message. I received the package. And thanks again for your efforts.

Sorgun Akkor
Istanbul, Turkey

I'm from a small company in Australia and I've been using Soundbroker for a few months now, I have been overwhelmed by the level of service provided by Jan and his crew. When buying gear, we all want good prices and good service, Soundbroker.com delivers on both fronts. I would and do recommend Soundbroker.com to anyone who is looking to buy new or secondhand audio equipment as their first port of call. These guys really do deliver.

Dan Rossides
24/7 Audio Services
New South Wales, Australia

Just wanted to let you know the Summit arrived today. All looks great and works great. Thanks much for another great transaction.

Brian Ingwell
Go Audio
Franklin, WI

Got the processors, and they are in amazing condition!!! Thanks for staying up with it and keeping me posted. They are going in the racks today!!!

Michael Faber
Proshow Systems, LLC
Bartlett, TN

Soundbroker.com provided me top notch service & support. Being my first purchase from them, I wasn't sure what to expect. They went all out to help with packing & shipment of the recorder I bought. The unit was superbly packed and shipped by truck. The item arrived safely & I couldn't be happier with the machine. Thanks for a great experience!

Tom Jancauskas
St. Charles, IL

Scott, everything is great as expected. Please release the funds to the seller and tell him thanks!

Neil Young
Ventiva Record
St. Maries, ID

Thanks, Jan, for your enthusiasm and undying effort to sell everyone's stuff.

Max Geiger
RKM Studios
Marietta, GA

It's a breath of fresh air to work with a company so courteous and professional. Your communication skills are superb. We look forward doing business again.

Damon Schmitz
Audiotech Sound Reinforcement
Grand Rapids, MI

Jan, you and your staff worked extremely hard to find and deliver the equipment I required within an extremely difficult deadline. Your service exceeded my expectations, especially as a first-time customer. I will be doing business with Soundbroker again in the future!!

Robert Kennedy
PA Plus Productions
Toronto, ON

Thanks a lot for a smooth swift transaction (ESPECIALLY CONSIDERING DISTANCE..!!) All 4 racks arrived safely and quickly as promised.... cheers.

John Newton
Atomic Sound Systems
Notts, UK

…Thanks for the great follow up, and thus far my association with SoundBroker has been nothing but profitable and very easily managed. Thanks to all of you guys for being so professional in what you do. We'll definitely use you again!

Dan Janjigian
Roux Restaurant Group, LLC
Austin, TX

Thoroughly professional. It is always refreshing to work with people who arguably care as much about my own goals as I do. Jan, Jonnie, Sara, Scott, and the whole SoundBroker.com team -- you guys made it happen. Thank you.

Garrett A. Rockey
Christian Broadcasting Network
Virginia Beach, VA

I received the shipment today! Thanks for the great follow up!

George Lanning
Integrity AVL
Grand Rapids, MI

Order received, the speakers are in good shape, and I'm a happy camper! Look forward to working with you again.

Rich Robiscoe
Semipro Audio
Bozeman, MT

I received the speakers and brackets yesterday . . .You guys are great!!! Thanks, Robert

Robert McLeod
Calvary Chapel
Arroyo Grande, CA

Yes, yesterday I have received the parcel and I have checked the machines and they are up and running at good speed. Everything came in good condition and the machines are well packed… Thanks, it was a good service that you are offering. I hope to work with you in the future.

Dennis Tan
Bremen, Germany

I want to thank you guys at Soundbroker for all the great "hand holding" throughout this transaction. I would definitely do business with you again!

Please thank [the seller] as the cabinets are in like new condition and the castor boards rock!

Richard Deisner
Tigard, OR

I received the shipment today and everything is great. Thank you very much for the updates and service.

Joe Larsen
Exeter, NH

…Everybody is very happy with this board, the sound in awesome and we have 6 dedicated stage mixes.

Keith Simmons
New Covenant Church
Thomasville, GA

It was again a pleasure doing business both selling and buying through SoundBroker.com. These were large transactions, and everything was handled smoothly and was expeditious. You provide a great service to our industry. Thanks again.

George Relles
Relles Sound, Inc.
Eugene, OR

Thank you again for all of your assistance throughout this process and since this was my first sale with SoundBroker, you made it painless and extremely easy. I can honestly say that anytime I need to move gear it will be through SoundBroker first!

Mike Rape
Audio Visual Professional Group, Inc
The Woodlands, TX

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for making my life a whole lot easier. The 6 purchases I have made through Soundbroker.com in the past months have helped me tremendously. Your assistance and attention to detail are second to none. Even when my amplifiers were lost by FedEx, your staff helped me get them delivered quickly. The follow-up calls and e-mails kept me connected and informed. Kudos to you, Jan, Sara, and the entire staff. I have recommended you to all the sound engineers I work with, and they have met with the same caliber results. I will continue to use Soundbroker.com for all of my purchases because of the pricing, web site, and "service after the sale." Keep up the good work!

Doug Hammons
American Sound Productions.com
Denton, Texas

I confirm that we have receive the CS 2000 on our studio. At this time, we have not open the crate, we make this next week. All the items arrive in good crating condition, we think there is no problem.

A new time, thanks a lot and happy to make the deal with you. I confirm that we make probably other deal with you in the future. You are serious, I recommended you to different friend in Europe.

Alexandre Gonot
Nice, France

This company is great! They made my mixer deal happen right before the holidays. Their communication and professionalism made the deal a stress free and wonderful experience...can't wait to do it again!

Dave Chumchal
Vineyard Church Toledo
Holland, OH

I would like to express my sincere satisfaction with this transaction and the SoundBroker.com team. Jan, Sara, Shar, and Lauren were all extremely helpful and provided exemplary customer service. There was not a single hitch from the first call to funding. If there was a problem, however, I don't think I could ask for a better team to deal with the issue. They have certainly earned my trust, recommendation, and future business.

Paul Cox
Site on Sound Recordings
Houston, TX

Thank you for the help and service you provide, and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Alfred S. Grambling Jr
Concert Production
Murfreesboro, TN

Thank you for all your help in brokering my transaction. With a relatively large purchase as mine, trust and attentiveness are paramount. You and the SoundBroker.com team performed flawlessly. I am sure we will use your company in the future.

Lawrence C. Palmer
L.C.P. Audio Services Inc.
Fair Haven, MI

Just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and great effort in helping me with getting a great system at a great deal. I feel I have made a solid investment dealing with SoundBroker.com and I will continue to refer others to your site for any or all of their productions needs.

Jonathan Pierce
United Sound Productions
Chesapeake, VA

I just wanted to thank you for your help on my purchase of the used Yamaha GA3212 monitor console. I can't help but to worry when buyingsomething like this long distance! I was floored when I picked up the shipmentand opened it, the board was in show room condition! We took a chance a used it thatafternoon and it worked perfectly. Needless to say my client wasextremely pleased with their purchase! Thanks for making me look like a genius!

Jim Walker
City East Sound Inc.
Raleigh, NC

It was definitely a pleasure doing business with SoundBroker.com. Really, really great service and responsiveness, in a time where it seems businesses are getting more and more impersonal by the minute! Keep up the good work, and please pass my kudos on to all at SoundBroker.com!

Tim Dawson
TPC Production Services
Lewisville, TX

Just wanted to thank you guys for getting our backs. Although a proven track record was enough for us to trust your business, having a personal experience with how well you handle situations makes all the difference. Thanks again.

Chris Boardman
Hamden, CT

I picked up shipment today, mixer is flawless, Rich was right when the company selling the console said I stole it for that price. Thanks.

John Larsen JJL Sound Chaplin, CT

Thanks for the follow up. I received the order late last week after it cleared customs. The packing job you guys did was spectacular. I haven't plugged it in yet, but I anticipate no problems. Thanks for the great service.

Blaine Selkirk
Puerto Vallarta, MEX

Yes, everything is Great! You guys do a good job!

Wayne Backward
Backward Audio
Salina, OK

Thanks for being so patient. I received the MA-5002 VZ. They are all in working condition. Once again thanks for everything. I look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future.\

Gordon Brown
Omaha, NE

We used the MacroTech 5000 this weekend and they are the best. Thank you again for a great deal.

Darren Fullman
On the Move Entertainment
Plainfield, NJ

Thank you so much for being on top of this. Sounds like the amps will get here right in time for my show on the 20th. Please let Richard and Jan know that I appreciate the timely transaction.

Mark Pacheco
Soundwave Audio
Tucson, AZ

You're awesome. Customer service is key! Soundbroker.com rocks and a link will be added to our links page.

Ron Vargas
Peabody Jam Rooms
Peabody, MA

We take this opportunity to most respectfully offer a most sincere and genuine thank you for SoundBroker.com's assistance with this transaction from initial inquiry to the completion of what we hope to be our first of many SoundBroker.com purchases in the context of a mutually rewarding and enduring ongoing professional association.

Ross Phillips
Brisbane, AUS

Thanks so much for your help in our recent purchase of a used console from Soundbroker.com. I must say, I have been reluctant to buy a used desk for some years but I knew I could get more for my money by buying a used piece. Let me tell you, I have not been disappointed! The console arrived very quickly by an excellent freight carrier. I went through the entire console and could not find EVEN ONE problem with it!!! It could almost pass as new. No dust, wear marks, scratchy pots, Nothing!!! I am completely satisfied with my purchase and I know I will get a lot of use from the console for years to come. Your knowledge of the product and helpful attitude have made a believer out of me. I will not hesitate to buy used from Soundbroker.com again!

Mike Goodreau
Ace Audio
Middletown ,CT

Just wanted to let you know I finally had a chance to install the PW4000 and it is currently running our PM3500. Perfecto! It arrived in good condition and was packed better than I would have suspected. Very Pleased. SoundBroker.com will definitely stay on by Bookmarks. Keep up the good work. Let Ms. Jordan (Sara is her first name...right?) know I also appreciated her help and attention.

Joe Dixon
KNO Productions
Memphis, TN

I really appreciate all the hard work from Richard and you. It was a joy to do business with SoundBroker.com and you really earned the trust.

Rod Chapman
Sounds Good
Willis, TX

Jan, you're the best man. As a matter of fact, every day I go to the website just to see your smiling face.

Jack Boessneck
Eighth Day Sound
Highland Heights, OH

I've got the unit and I'm satisfied with it, I was expecting a manual with it but I'll live - hehe. Take care and thanks for the support and terrific service, I'll be recommending you guys to a lot of the gear die-hards at the music store I work at for those tough to get pieces of gear. Thanks.

Rick Szolnoky
Ontario, CAN

Wewere there yesterday morning to takethe shipment and do the customs. Everything arrived fine. We have tested all amps and they are working and we have modified them to work with 240V AC. The measurement equipment also arrivedin good working condition.

Andreas Leutwiler
Arrow Sound Light Laser
Ufhusen, CHE

I did indeed receive the package on schedule and everything appears to be in good condition and I hereby give my consent to release the funds to the seller. Thanks for making another good buying experience for me!

Mark Anderson
Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA

The speakers have been inspected and they sound just fine. It has been good doing business with you. Looking forward to further business in the future.

Edward Romanita
EG Sound, Inc.
Coram, NY

Thanks again for all your help and expert advice on this matter, it was a pleasure to do business with all at your firm.

Ray Soly
Quebec, CAN

I received the amplifiers today in Trinidad. I must say I was quit pleased.I just want to say thanks to you and your team for the great service.

Ashri Ram

The speakers arrived in excellent shape and I have tested and all work fine. Thank you. This whole buying process with you has been easy and trouble free.

Kent Kauf
StarLight Productions
Inman, KS

The 2400 got here in Perfecto condition and I'm exxxtremely! Happy with it! It's a VERY hard to find piece and so I'm glad you had it! When you release the funds to the seller tell them thank you for this wonderful piece that they have put on offer, the Lexicon 2400!! And thank you so much to Soundbroker.com who I will always consider a USDA a1+ Prime truly class act business that so many businesses out there could learn from and have a standard to look up to.

William Newton
Del Ray Beach, FL

We received our order as promised. Everything is great and we are happy with the equipment. We appreciate the way you all have handled this transaction and we look forward to doing business in the future. Thank you.

Aline Wilson
Scout Bar
Houston, TX

Thank you for your help with my Averill mic pre purchase. I was skeptical at first but took a chance and it really worked out for me. Using SoundBroker.com was easy and you seem to have all the safety nets in place for the buyer in case the item isn't what it is promised to be. The safety nets and a knowledgeable broker simply add a comfort level to what might be a stressful event, that is the spending of hard earned cash on an item you have yet to see. Service was prompt and courteous and that is not so common these days. I look forward to using SoundBroker.com again.

John Murphy
Northridge, CA

I am very pleased with your service. I liked the speakers they are in good shape. Once again I appreciate your help in this manner and I am eager to do business with your again...Thank you.

Ruben Delatorre
Coachella, CA

Thank you very much, the processor arrived and seems in excellent condition. I must just say that this was quite possibly the best sales service I have ever experienced!!!! Please pass on the compliment to all in your organisation.

Marcel Bezuidenhout
Cape Town, South Africa

I started working as soon as I received the mixer, so I forgot to contact you guys. The mixer is perfect and I 'm a happy camper! Thanks a lot and I will be back for more.

Niko Papanikolaou
Douglaston, NY USA

Just to let you know the speakers arrived today in apparent perfect order. I will connect them up tonight to make sure. Thanks again for your business-hope to do more in the future!

Lee Parkes
Worcester, WR40RU UK

Everything arrived in good shape and we accepted it all. Thank you so much for the excellent communication and follow-up on this order. That is why we love working with SoundBroker.com.

Nate Webb
Crossroads Church
Loveland, CO USA

Thanks for your note and for your follow up at every step of this process in purchasing our new Allen & Heath console. We have been very impressed with the care and customer service we have received from Sound Brokers.

Thanks again for you follow up. We certainly will look to you first when we have any sound needs.


Kenyon Ackeberg
First Christian Church
Phoenix, AZ USA

Once again the team at Soundbroker comes through. Thank you for once again getting the gear to move with special thanks to Rusty. It felt like he kind of made the sale of my X2 Console a "personal project". Say hello to Rusty, Richard, Lauren & Mary for me and give them all my very best regards and sincere thanks for another job well done.

Once again, thank you to the Soundbroker team.


Paul Slagle
North Hollywood, CA

I did receive the item and it is in great shape. I would like to thank you and everyone at soundbroker for working with me to find the gear that I need for my Disc Jockey business.

Travis Fortney
Z-One Entertainment
Fayetteville, PA USA

I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the best service I have ever received from any sales organization.

The communication was absolutely amazing. Through every step in the transaction I received first rate information and never once worried about if things would arrive and what condition that it would be in.

This was my first transaction with you and definitely be using you to make my hopefully soon to be new rig package. I never knew how much better the attention to detail by ordering through your firm could be . . . until now. My "shopping around" days are over.

Thanks again to Richard, Mary, Jan and the rest of the SB staff.

Grayson Rech
Marysville, PA USA

I recently had my first purchase with SoundBroker. I had visited the site many times shopping around. At first I was a little nervous making such a purchase site unseen. The competent staff at SoundBroker set my mind at ease and assured me they would be there through the entire process. And they were. From the word "order" to my purchase arriving at my door I was in the loop. You can't find this kind of service on any auction site! I am very pleased with SoundBroker and I will certainly do business with them in the future!

Jason M. Smith
Iowa Sound
Clive, IA USA

Thank you for the payment and all the hard work that you have done on this deal. I look forward to working with in the future (minus the late hours and headaches). Take care and enjoy the spring.

Ray Morgan
Rocky Mountain Production Services
Vancouver, BC Canada

I just got back in town today and we did receive the console and it looks excellent. It is every bit as good as Richard said it was. With the shape this console is in I want to know what else this company or person has to sell! I would be interested just because I know the equipment has been well taken care of.

Thanks again for the great purchase; as always I know it will always end up being a pleasure.

Brian Thomas
San Angelo, TX

The mixer arrived, in perfect working order, on Friday. Thank you for the rapid shipment and stress-free transaction.

Toney Tissot
Odyssey Theatre Company
San Jose, CA

This is the first time I've dealt with the crew at Soundbroker.com, aside from a request a few years ago for more information. I have to say that I'm totally satisfied with how all of the details were handled, and I would not hesitate to buy through Soundbroker again. Jan, Rusty and Mary are all great to deal with, truly professional. I think what I appreciated most was that I was kept informed every step of the way; I never had to wonder what the status of the deal was. Anyway, thanks again to the crew at Soundbroker for making the deal so straight-ahead and hassle-free.

Noel Clark
Pensacola, FL

I just want to say thank you for helping me find and purchase my consoles. Whenever I called, you where there. I didn't have to wait for 20 min on hold. We had a small discrepancy on one of the consoles and the problem was settled almost immediately. It's nice to have someone looking out for the buyer for a change. I'll be in the market for another console very shortly and Soundbroker.com is the place I will buy with total confidence.

Wayne Reeves
SOS Audio-Visual
Monroeville, NJ USA

I trusted SoundBroker with two large transactions; both of which I was very pleased with the results.

The first, a purchase of a Soundcraft Series Five Monitor Console, went real smooth even though I received the console with a non-functioning PSU. Jan took care of me immediately and had it repaired to factory specs by Soundcraft faster than I ever imagined possible and now it even has a factory warranty.

I also sold an Allen and Heath GL4000 console and that transaction went quickly and smoothly as well. My biggest compliment would be Jan is a true professional, he dots all the "I's" and all the "T's". He is genuinely concerned for both buyer and seller. I know this from personal experience.

Brian Hrabar
Propaganda Group, Inc.
Gretna, LA

I picked up the MP1A preamp yesterday and hooked it up last night. Thanks so much for your help and speed in getting it operational for me. You have gone to such great lengths to get me exactly what I wanted and have succeeded far beyond any reasonable expectation, or even my expectations for that matter.

I will be looking forward to doing business with you again!

Thanks again,

Scott Elliot
Elevated Sound
Los Angeles, CA

I picked up the MACKIE SR56.8 56-CHANNEL CONSOLE from Skips (the repair shop) last week. I used it today and the results were excellent, now the console works exactly as described..

I want to thank you for making this a pleasant transition. When the console arrived and it was not as the seller described. SoundBroker immediately stepped in and took control, calmed me down and remedied the situation. I was impressed that you not only represented us but the seller as well.

I would recommend SoundBroker.com to any up and coming churches that need good quality used equipment when new is not an option. Your sound dollars go further buying used from SoundBroker.

The repair shop would also recommend SoundBroker to others wanting high-end gear. They mentioned how Richard was one hundred percent easy to deal with under a potentially bad deal. Thanks again Richard. We will definitely be in touch.

Nathan Ediger
North Valley Church
Antelope, CA

Thanks once again. I have completed going through my new pre-owned Gamble Console that I received from SoundBroker last week and I am please to report that I am the happiest of campers. I got everything that you promised and more. What a deal you put together for me! Even Jim Gamble agreed that I got thousands of dollars more in parts inside the frame than what I paid for.

What impressed me the most however, was the way in which SoundBroker coordinated all the details of the sale and kept me informed of the progress of the sale, including shipping the console from New York to California.

Thanks again for everything, I can't wait to use your services again.

Loren Miller
Sacramento, CA

I want to thank all of you at Sound Broker for your efficient, courteous and professional service. Even though I was a bit leery of making a large direct deposit of cash into your bank account, my fears were totally unfounded.

The Tascam SX-1 arrived a day earlier than expected, and in excellent shape. It's hard to believe that this is a "B" stock unit, as I inspected it closely, and couldn't detect any signs of use at all.

I have waited quite a while for this, and couldn't be happier with my new Tascam SX-1 24 channel digital mixer, 16 track 24 bit recorder with 6 track stem recorder, complete MIDI control and editing center, margarita mixer, engine diagnostic center, GPS receiver, side scanning sonar and ballistic missile tracking console.

Thank you very much for a smooth, quick transaction and helping me realize one of my goals. Now, if I could only figure out how to use that fax machine/copier/printer/scanner/phone in the office...

Bill Zurofsky
Wazard Studios
Lexington, TN

What an experience! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me give my full confidence in this great group of people. Not only was my experience with my order smooth and painless, Jan and his team was very interested in making sure I was very satisfied with my order after it arriving a day earlier than expected!

Thank You Soundbroker. You have definitely impressed me and I thank you for your caring and professionalism in everything you do!

A very happy camper,

Jon Alvarado
Wheaton, IL

We received the headphones in good shape and used them yesterday and the production intercoms were awesome. Richard was a great salesman, fast and efficient.

Thank you for following the tracking on this item and rest assure that we will use your company again for future business. I can't believe the quality of the production intercom.


Jonathan Simon, CEO
The NCP Group, LLC
Las Vegas, NV

The two Ashly GQX3102 eq's did arrive today, and both met my expectations of cosmetic and operational condition. Please release payment to the seller. Please relay to Jan my appretiation of SoundBroker's prompt, reliable, and courteous service.


Brian Cassell
Celebration Productions

I have received the second shipment of KF650 Speakers. They are in good working condition and are satisfactory to me. Thanks for all the effort you have put in to procure me the quality of equipment I was looking for. I definitely will be doing more business with you in the future.

Thanks a million,

Raymond Whittlesey
Contoured Communications

I received my order yesterday (The Allan & Heath Mix Wizard3 ) a day early, I might add and am once again very pleased with the entire process with Sound Broker. Jan has helped me out and has steered me in the right direction several times (even when I was not making a purchase from him).

This is the kind of customer service you used to get in music stores in the 70's. Fantastic job!

Byron Neathery
Dave Jorgenson & RIO
Austin, TX

Mary, Yes everything is perfect. We very much appreciate your professionalism. Please pass on to Jan and the seller that we are very thankful for their prompt attention.

Thanks again,

Ryan Farris
Plusgood Studio

Good Day Mary.... Items have arrived and are currently being installed.... We Greatly Appreciate the effort put forth on our First experience with 'SoundBrokers' and hope to have continued successes with you. Thank You, Richard and the rest of the Staff for the lightning speed replies to my inquires and for work on this time sensitive project.. again, a Superb Experience!!

Thanks again,

Greg Sealy
Treadstone 32
Las Vegas, NV

I am writing you today to express my satisfaction about our recent transaction for the Neve console I recently acquired through your service. The transaction was a true pleasure. The 3 way, open communication made the transaction and acquisition extremely quick and efficient. In this particular sale, the seller personally delivered the goods and made sure it made it in the condition we had discussed.

It is such a relief, when acquiring fairly expensive equipment, to find out that I wasn't in it alone and I had the protection of SoundBroker on my side. I will be back again.

Jacques Boulanger
Creative Audio Post, Inc.
New York City, NY USA

Thank you for the incredible communication through out the entire process.

I'm happy to confirm that we are pleased with our order and you can release the funds to the seller. We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Paul A. Estby
Gurthie Theater
Minneapolis, MN

I would like to take brief moment and thank you and your staff for what I would consider the smoothest transaction ever.

The sale / purchase of the Caterpillar Generator was great. I received the unit prior to my promised date and the gear was in the condition that was stated. I look forward to dealing with you again. Thanks for all of your help.

Michael Betancourt,President
FLD Group, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

Thank you for your assistance....your good customer service and friendly staff has not gone un-noticed.

Todd Buckner
Absolute Audio Systems
Columbus, Ga.

Great service. I am recommending Soundbroker to all my friends.

Nigel Williams
Valley Village, CA

Congratulations to Jan Landy of SoundBroker on his amazing services. He was extremely professional and effieceint while handling the complexities of my purchase of Kinoshita Amplifiers. I feel totally comfortable doing future business with SoundBroker. Jan is somebody that watches "your back".

The Music Palace
West Hempstead, NY

Thank you for the information on this matter! You are always the best at keeping me informed!

Karen Lopez
Alliance Audio Group
Los Alamitos, CA


Just emailing you to let you know that I have recieved the both of the Crown MA5002-VZ power amplifiers in excellent condition and they are working beautifully. The next thing I'm looking for is a complete PA system.

Thanks for all your help.

Omar Rouse
Barbados (Caribbean Island in the North Atlantic Ocean)

"Thank you guys for all the help! This was my first dealings with any type of "broker". You and your staff are "A1". SoundBroker's staff made me feel comfortable, kept me well informed and were very friendly.

I am also in the resale business and know how important good costumer service is. The deal I got was great and the product delivered was exactly as advertised. Feel free to use me as a reference. I cant wait for our next dealings.

Bill Forbes
SPL Systems
Agawam, MA

"I received my dbx Driverack PA today on time and in good condition. Thanks so much for all your help. I couldn't be happier with the transaction.

As advertised, good price, and backed up with great customer service. I will be sure to recommend you to others.

Keith Hillyard
Lowell, MA

"Got the unit as needed, thanks for jumping thru all the hoops from me to get it to me on time!

Brent Milton
Pacific West Sound Inc.
Bakersfield, CA

"I've picked up the goods today, and it works perfectly. So thanks for everything, I'm going to order some more gear in the near future.

"Thanks again and Best Regards,

Mats Wennersten Ears & Eyes AB
Rosersberg, Sweeden

"A million thanks for the incredible service you and your staff has shown myself and my company.

Anyone can sell but not everyone can follow up when things go wrong. The fact that none of the situations that arose were any fault of yours or your people, you and your staff took them over as if they were and worked endlessly to solve them in a timely manner.

You know that when I bought this business in 1999 you were the first person I trusted to help guide me with my large purchases. Between SoundBroker and Crest Audio's incredible customer service I will always remain a faithful customer.

I appreciate and know all the time and effort that you have shown me.

I look forward to many more purchases and many more years of friendship.


Rob Matson, President
Total Production Services - Saint Petersburg, FL

"Thanks for your excellent service in this transaction! You went from a simple question on my part to selling my speakers for more than I expected. I really appreciate the personal attention that you paid and the speed at which everything took place."

Al Zorn
Technical Director
Good Shepherd Church
Naperville, IL

"Thanks - and thanks for handling the sale so efficiently."

Dave Lawler
Docktrdave Audio Inc.
Capistrano Beach, CA

"Thank you for the good service. It is better than ebay."

Irwan Kristijanto
Bread of Stone LLC
Sioux City, IA

"I have received my order. All equipment arrived in excellent condition and full working order as I was told it would be. Please consider this note as my confirmation of acceptance and your fulfillment of the contract.

Thank you for your professional handling of this transaction. I hope we can do business again soon."

Timothy Dailey
Sure Shot Transmissions, Inc.
New Middletown, OH

"After viewing your website, I made a couple of console inquiries and, as Emeril would say, BAM! You called me and steered me to the best deal I've ever had.

I was in the market for a large format monitor console for a 1300 seat roadhouse in the Midwest. The consoles I had looked at were good, but you said you had a great console at a great price. After a short phone call you had it lined up for me. You won my trust with your confident manner and knowledge and when I got on the phone with the seller, I was truly convinced that the console you had set up for me was the best. A wire transfer of the funds two days later set the wheels in motion.

When I unloaded the truck 6 days later and opened that case (my six I.A. hands and myself, UGH!) I was immediately assured that any dread or remorse I may have had over an internet purchase of this magnitude was unfounded. The console was clean, refurbished and in A'1 shape. Nice road case and dual PSU's. And the price was amazing!

WOW!! Was that easy! I am now a zealot for SoundBroker.com. I will happily recommend your company to as many people as will listen. I'll be back.

Sincerely (and very grateful)"

Robert Zenoni - Technical Director/Steward
The Historic Pabst Theater - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"In an industry full of 'quick buck artists' that are here today and gone with your money tomorrow, SoundBroker stands alone. Honest, fair, and with you for the long haul, SoundBroker is a company you can trust. In today's market, that is all that REALLY matters."

Trent Slyter
Mount Hope Church
Lancing, MI

"Having just bought a large-format SSL 9096J console through SoundBroker, I can't say enough about the professionalism and extra effort of Jan Landy and his folks; and he represented the SELLER!! Now that I have experienced the exceptional service that SoundBroker provided to make this purchase a reality, there is no question that I will continue my relationship with Jan Landy and SoundBroker."

Hank Neuberger
Glenwood Place Studios
Burbank, CA

"I recently purchased a monitor console through Sound Broker. The mixer was stated as in Good condition and in good working order. When I received the mixer there was a problem with a sub group and to my ultimate surprise, Sound broker stood behind their promise to assure that every transaction was as stated and satisfactory to both the seller and buyer.

I was given the name of a repair shop in Austin and advised to take the mixer in to be checked and repaired. I did as instructed and the mixer was repaired.

Thanks for your great customer service and for standing behind what you promise. You have a customer for life in Austin, Sincerely,"

Byron Neathery
RIO Productions

"Thanks for all your help making things so easy, This was our first on line purchase and we are very pleased. We look forward to using your service in the future.

Thanks again for your help."

Randall S Degani
Performance Audio Systems Inc

"I finally got my CD-80 DIMMER RACKS (shipped from the northeast TV studio) installed, that I bought from you about 3 or 4 months ago. All is well. All works GREAT!

I am a VERY satisfied SB customer!

THANKS again. Just wanted to let you know that!

Have a great day."

David Boots
New Hope Community Church

"I just wanted to let you know that we received the DP200's yesterday and have checked them out and are satisfied with the units.

We are very pleased with the transaction and look forward to doing business with your company in the future! Please send our thanks on to the seller as well!


Paul Estby
Guthrie Theater

"I received the delivery on Friday, 9/5, and everything was in good shape. Thanks for an excellent transaction."

Richard Wilson
Pastor of Worship and Arts
South Forest Church
Charlotte, NC 28210

"I tested the record and it works good. The playback is also good, so it looks like everything is in order.


Lee Leiss
KDIX Radio
Dickinson, ND 58601

"It is always a pleasure doing business with SoundBroker!"

Larry Habetz
Gulf Coast Sound Production, Inc.

"You folks have been really nice to do business with. While my orders may be small, they represent all I can get each time and I thank you for your attention to processing and keeping me in the loop. Again, looking forward to doing business with you soon."

Rex Blevins
Tulsa, OK

"Thank you again for running such an upright and cool service! You RULE! We're in manufacturing and not service, but I have a lot of friends that are wanting me to design them systems this year (if the economy is bad, someone forgot to tell all of us here!) and I will be going right back to you for everything else we need."

Bill Weir
Helicore Labs
Huntersville, NC

"I don't know how you managed to "tweak" EAW shipping and the FedEx freight system ... but whatever it is or was, it's certainly effective! Less than 48 hours from order to receipt is what I call 'EXCEPTIONAL' customer service. Anyway ... just wanted you to know you have a completely satisfied customer. Thanks for your extraordinary service!!"

Bruce Greene
Anniston, AL

"I look forward to doing more business with SoundBroker.com, Thanks!"

David Schroder
Agilent Technologies Inc.
South Barre, MA

"The unit made my door step in great condition Sat. and it made my show run great!! Thanks a lot. Hope to do more business soon."

Dallas, TX

"Thanks again for your excellent customer service. This has been a wonderful experience dealing with your company."

Doug Wolf
Edwardsville, IN

"Your communication, and the effort you both put forth to accommodate my deadline was just exemplary. I very much look forward to doing business with you again, and have already recommended you to others."

Bob Schwall
Battery Studios, NY

"Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in our recent purchase. We'll definitely let you know when we need to make any more purchases."

Harry Frankenfeld
Grace Community Church
Nashville, TN

"Thanks again for all of your help with everything. It's been a pleasure dealing with you, and yes, I will be back for more equipment, good deals, and the fine hospitality you have given me. Shoot, already I almost feel like family."

Jason LePrell
Just Great Sound
Anniston, AL

"I received the board in excellent condition and on delivery schedule. I am happy with the board and very happy with the service I received from SoundBroker. I greatly appreciate the efforts that SoundBroker went through to get me this board as soon as possible. I look forward to working with SoundBroker again in the near future."

Mike DeSchutter
Sonic Source Sound
Bakersfield, CA

"Just a short note to let you know the amps showed up last Friday. I want to let you know how much I appreciate the effort you and Richard put into this to make it happen. You are both a great asset to SoundBroker to care that much to push an order out at the last minute during the holidays. I hope we need to order a lot of product this year!! Thanks again."

Al Landry
Southland Technology Inc.
San Diego, CA

"Here's wishing you continued growth and success. Thanks are not enough for the time you took to ensure that the shipment of 4 EAW KF 650s, arrived safely in the remote little island of Barbados, to a small fledgling sound operator. Your efforts have helped me to reach my aspirations and I know with a continuing relationship with Sound Broker, I can acheive more. Prosperous 2003."

Wayne Simmons
Live Sound Entertainment Inc.
St. James, Barbados