Direct To Seller / Direct To Buyer Schedule of Fees

Direct Club (included in VIP-Loyalty Club Member Program) is a service provided by which allows our Members to buy and sell directly with other participating members thus eliminating our commission for conducting the entire transaction. This service is designed to save our buying members a minimum of $150.00 per transaction on all used items listed as a Direct Club item (highlighted in yellow) on and priced with a total combined value under $2,500.00. Upon enrolling in the VIP-Loyalty Club Membership Program, all members have access to this section of showing the special pricing.

How it works: When clicking on an item's link to either buy or ask questions, a form will appear that will send the buyers information directly to the seller bypassing completely.

Seller Comparison of Direct Club (DC) & eBay:

Direct Club, our Direct to Buyer program, is 85% less expensive than eBay, which saves you money.

A $500.00 listing with eBay (Nov. 2015) is $40.00 if it sells and will run either 3, 5, or 7 days nationally. Our DC cost is $5.00, and your listing runs internationally until it sells. With DC, you can post up to 8 photos - with eBay, only 1. With DC, you get immediate contact with the Buyer either by email or phone, you choose the method of payment you prefer (thus saving more if you do not to use PayPal), and we approve listings all day long (Mon. - Fri.) and permit changes at anytime. If you make a mistake with your pricing on eBay, once there is a bid you are only able to make very limited changes.

Direct To Buyer Listing Fees (FREE for VIP-Loyalty Club Members):
From $0.00 to $1,000.00 - $50.00
From $1,000.00 to $2,500.00 - $75.00